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DiSC® Classic Paper Profile

DiSC® Classic Paper Profile

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DiSC® Classic is the paper profile best used by organizations and individuals with limited access to a computer. The DiSC classic assessment provides insight into an individuals DiSC personality style and how they relate to other DiSC profiles.  

The DiSC® Classic is based on 28 sections which provide you with 4 adjectives descriptors in each section.  

You will be forced to respond to each section identifying an adjective that is most like you or least like you.

After you responded to all 28 sections in the DiSC Classic profile you will tally your score.

The tally box encompasses the graph I section for most like you, the graph II section for least like you, and the graph III section for the difference.

The graph III is then plotted to reveal your segment numbers and your DiSC classical pattern.

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