How to order products?

Our products will be delivered electronically to the email provided during the checkout process.  You will receive an email from DISC BODHI Online Access Code which provides you access to the assessment link.  

  • Add items to your cart
  • Checkout
  • Open email from DISC BODHI Online Access Code
  • Complete the assessment
  • Report available immediately
  • Download a copy of your report
  • Read your report
  • Schedule coaching session to review report (additional cost)

How do I complete the assessment?

You will receive an email from DISC BODHI Online Access Code which provides you access to the assessment link.  Clink on the link in the email.  Complete the requested demographic information (i.e., first and last name).  Answer all questions in the assessment.  Your report will be available immediately once you completed the assessment.  The report pops up automatically.  Check the bottom of your screen for the report.


How is the assessment structured?

The assessment will ask a series of behavioral questions which allows you to respond on a five point scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.  


Profile overview and sample reports

Profile Overview

Sample Reports

Research Reports

How can I order 10 or more assessments?

If you would like to order assessment for ten or more individuals you have two options:

Option 1:

Order an EPIC account which allows you to directly management your assessments.  You have the ability to send assessment out to your employees as necessary.  You will have instant access to all completed assessment.  Your account will offer you enhanced reporting to create customized reports for your team.  You can easily add additional EPIC credits to your account as needed.


Option 2:

Order as many reports needed through the website.  In the customer notes section during checkout, provide the email address of the individuals partaking in the assessments and any order detail that will be relevant to your order.

I did not receive my report

If you did not receive your report automatically after completing the assessment please send an email to discbodhi@gmail.com and we will resend the report directly to your email.

How can I use the assessment with teams?

The Everything DiSC@ products can be used with teams to help the group understand their personal style and how to work with others on team.  Select the best report that aligns with your team structure.

  • Workplace report for individual contributor employees
  • Management report for Managers that are accountable for managing people
  • Leadership 363 to have a holistic view of the individual based on a self review, peer review, manager review, and customer review

The individual products can then be combined into a group culture report which provides you with a holistic view of the team and their work style.


What is My Everything DiSC®?

My Everything DiSC is the online platform for social learning about DiSC®.  On the My Everything DiSC® website you can network and build relationships with others on the platform.  You can connect to create a comparison report with individuals that you are connected to.  In addition, the website offers you a podcast to learn more about your individual style and natural tendencies; provide you with additional research articles to support the continued learning of DiSC®, and contains quick tips on how to apply DiSC® in the workplace.


How can I access My Everything DiSC®?

To access My Everything DiSC visit https://myeverythingdisc.com


Can I customize the reports?

You can customize the Everything DiSC® products by purchasing an EPIC account.  The EPIC account allows you to order all Everything DiSC product directly through your EPIC system.  EPIC allows you to:

  • Customize you communication to your participants through EPIC
  • Upload multiple assessment participants via an excel or csv file on EPIC
  • Resend user log-in details to participants
  • Access free reports only available through EPIC
  • Add company logo and contact details on every report


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