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The Everything DiSC profiles follows a structure that aligns with many organizations to meet people where they are. For example, our Everything DiSC Workplace profile is a great tool for individual contributors (employees that are accountable for themselves), it provides insight into their own personal behaviors so that they can learn how to work effectively with others.

The Everything DiSC Management profile is a great tool to help Managers' learn about their management style and the impact they have on others. It introduces Management to the Everything DiSC model, provides the result on where they score on the mode,=l, and then provides an overview of their management style, insight on how they motivate and develop others, and also how they work with their boss who may have a differing personality style.

Next in the Everything DiSC profiles, is our family of leadership profiles, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile, and the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile, these profiles are based on the foundation of the DiSC Model and provides leaders insight into how their style influence their leadership impact, and how to effectively set vision and strategy.

Now that you have completed a DiSC personality test, and have a general understanding of your DiSC personality type and how you engage with others, let's take what you learned a step further. Our DiSC personality profile podcasts will help you to dive deeper into your discprofile to understand how your behaviors impact others in the workplace. Utilize these podcast to leverage your personality to build effective relationships will all personality styles.


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DiSC Profile DC: DC DiSC Personality Style Podcast (Intro Transcript)

So we're going to be spending some time talking about the DiSC personality DC Style. The DC DiSC personality style stands for dominance and conscientiousness. If you have a DiSC personality DC style, what you'll find is that roughly 70% to 80% of what we talk about here will be relevant to you. The value here is listening for those insights that help you to make sense of your past experiences, help you to understand your thought process, understand your habits and how to use them in new ways.

We will take a look at all of the different characteristics associated with the DiSC personality DC Style such as being tough-minded, being determined and there's one underlying theme that really ties them all in together, it's probably the most pronounced characteristics that separate people with this style from others, and it's this fundamental sense of skepticism. The DC DiSC personality style tends to be a little bit more wary of the world, and this outlook is the source of some of the DC greatest asset and some of the cause of its greatest challenges. Using this as the foundation there are three central needs that you can refer to as core psychological needs:

DiSC Profile Explained: Psychological Needs

The first one is a strong need to be competent. If I'm in a world that's filled with this dishonesty, or ineptitude, or poor decision-making, I need to be able to rely on myself and to do that, I need to be competent, so I set my standards high for myself, and I also set my standards high for the people around me. If I'm going to trust you and respect you, you're going to need to measure up for these standards.

A second related need is a need for control. If there's a lot of sketchiness out there in the world, I need to be able to control the variables that affect my faith, not everything or everyone, but if something has the power to shape the course of my life, I want influence over that thing, and when I don't have that control, it's very unnerving. I'm left in a very uneasy state, so that's the need for control.

The last is the need not to be vulnerable, again, if we have an untrustworthy world, it's not exactly wise is to make yourself vulnerable on a regular basis.

D Personality Style Overview

The DC DiSC personality style is more likely to identify themselves as being more guarded or standoffish, and like most psychological characteristics there are some positive things, and that's confidence, control and, non-vulnerability. Again and again, you'll see these three core needs (competence, control, and non-vulnerability), pop up again and again.

DiSC Profile D: D DiSC Personality Style (Intro Transcript)

We're going to be spending some time talking about theDiSC Personality D style dominance. If you have a DiSC personality D style, I think what you'll find is that roughly 70 to 80% of what we're going to talk about will probably apply to you. Some of it will be spot-on, there are some things that you'll say yeah that's not really me, or maybe you'll say yeah that sounds like me when I was a lot younger, but I think the value here is listening for those insights that make sense of your past experiences or really help you see your thought processes and your habits in a new light.

So we're going to take a look at all these different characteristics associated with the DiSC Personality D style such as being direct, forceful, and strong-willed and there are a few core needs that really ties them all together.

So why are people with the D DiSC personality Style more likely than the average person to be assertive, forceful, or results-oriented? What's the motivation behind these more observable behaviors? Well, allow me to introduce and explain a lot about the DiSC personality D behaviors.

DiSC Profile Explained: Psychological Needs

First, there's often this very core need to be strong. A need to know I'm powerful enough to shape my environment at all times and that I'm powerful enough to fend off any incoming threats at all times. And so you may have picked up on the phrase at all times. In there this reflects an assumption, usually an unspoken assumption, that this is a tough world and if I'm not strong enough to hold my ground and shape my world at any point, then I'm at the mercy of the whims of this tough world. Really, if I'm a useful, productive, valuable person, then I need to be a strong person.

A second core need which is very much related is the need to have control. A need to control the factors that influence my fate. My ultimate success or failure, I need to have a say in determining that. Often times I need to have the say in determining that, and not just for myself, to the degree that I'm successful, I'm going to have influence and control on larger and larger events. If I'm going to be doing this whole life thing right, I should have a larger footprint. I should be expanding my influence in some way, and so this feeds into a third core need which may not be as easy to own but let me just throw it out there.

The third core need is the need to be on top. This may not be as socially desirable to admit but I think it's a little easier if I rephrase it in terms of winning. People with the D DiSC personality style want to win. Everybody wants to win but the D style really likes to win and me being on top can, maybe unconsciously, that can be a barometer of how well I'm doing. Am I on the right track. I think for people with the D Style, this is why having authority can almost in and of itself be rewarding. Respect often comes with that authority. But overall, I think the need is most pronounced, it's most easy to notice when the opposite message is coming in, when someone else is saying to us through their words or more likely through their actions, in fact, no I'm the one who's on top, no I'm the one who's superior. That tends to get a reaction, especially with the D DiSC personality style, that doesn't sit so well.

Then there's one last core need, which is the need to be making progress, always to be moving forward. There's this internal pressure almost as an unspoken belief that if you're a valuable person then you produce. A nagging sense of pressure to keep moving. The word restless comes to mind when they're confronted with quiet, often times people with the D Style, their brain is telling them you're wasting time if you're not accomplishing something. Often times it can be so ingrained that they might not even realize that other people don't necessarily share this sense of pressure.

D Personality Style Overview

So these elements are the foundation of what we're going to talk about during the DiSC Personality D style podcast (the need to be strong, the need to have control, the need to be on top, and the need for progress). These pieces have huge implications for how a person approaches their relationships.


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