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Everything DiSC 363® Facilitator Report

DiSC Profiles: Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Facilitator Report

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DiSC profile, the Everything DiSC 363® Facilitator Report, provides facilitators with an analysis of the leaders' DiSC profile, and the opportunities in the leaders' DiSC personality style that will drive effectiveness in their leadership capabilities. The Facilitator Report brings together 360° feedback to provide an overview of the group. Along with a group summary, the 363 Facilitator Report includes data by rater type and data by item (accompanied by the leader’s name), and each leader’s 363 graphs.

DiSC online assessment fulfilled electronically.



How it Works

  • Add the DiSC profile report to cart
  • Identify individuals that will provide 360 feedback
  • DiSC Assessment code emailed to participant and individuals providing feedback
  • Participants and other stakeholders complete Everything DiSC 363® Facilitator assessment
  • Everything DiSC 363® Facilitator report created
  • Everything DiSC 363® Facilitator report available for download or email