We provide simple tools to help you recruit, retain, and develop talent.  Our HR consultants partner with you to develop strategies to unleash the potential in your employees.  Our only agenda is to ensure that you receive maximum value from your partnership with us.  We have over a decade of experience working in Human Resources, developing talent management solutions, partnering with business leaders to support employees, implementing assessments to improve development and selection and designing customized solutions to enhance the workplace. 


The Original DiSC Profile

We provide you with the original DiSC profile which is used by one million people daily in 70 countries.  Our DiSC profile utilizes adaptive testing to provide users with more accurate results.  Learn to leverage your personal strengths.  Everything DiSC Profiles are a registered trademark of John Wiley.  Get your DiSC assessment now.


Free Resources

We want to see you win.  Therefore, We offer you our support on how to implement DiSC profiles, FREE.  It's true, you can buy DiSC profiles from many vendors.  But you don't get FREE consultation, tips, and activities with our competitors.  Maximize your dollar investment today.


Our Expertise

We are experienced Human Resources Consultants who partner with your organization to develop practical HR solution to drive a high performing workforce. Our HR Consultants are experts in human resources operations, organizational effectiveness, and  talent management.  Leverage our fractional Human Resources Consultants as an extension of your organization. 





Recent data highlight that CEO's are concerned about their organizations' skills and the ability of the organization to compete.  Build a continuous learning culture.  Our eLearning program certifies individuals with critical skills in Project Management (PMP), Human Resource Management (PHR), Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Marketing, Business Management, and Operations.

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Selection and Assessments

We partner with organizations to help recruit, retain, and develop talent.  With our selection (PXT Select®) and development DiSC assessment (DiSC® Profiles), organizations make better hiring decisions, have a framework for developing future leaders and retain existing talent.

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HR Consulting

DISC Bodhi provides a full range of Human Resources services through onsite and outsourced solutions. We partner with your organization to design solutions to improve the workplace and the employee experience.  Our consultants have extensive experience in every HR function - Benefits, Compensation, Compliance, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Relations, Organization Development, Performance Management, Recruiting, Selection & Assessments, Training and Development, to name a few. We develop customized approaches to managing your workforce, aligning with your organizational culture, focused on driving performance and achieving business objectives.

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The workshop went great!   The team is energized and looking forward to the next steps  --  this exercise really opens up a team!   Would love to learn additional ways to use DiSC as the boss wants to roll it out to the whole organization.   Thanks for all of your help, Miss Petal!!

-Paula P.

I am looking forward to seeing all the results and seeing our company profiles on a map! I have seen a few of them and it is very interesting to see how the profiles of those that I view as high performers correspond with their job functions.


-Adam R.

There are many sites offering the Disc - there’s too many choices! Disc Bodhi was a very good choice. My questions were answered immediately by a live person who knows the business. She offered helpful exercises to use with our client, users found the site easy to access and reports are delivered immediately. Thank you, DiSC Bodhi!

Adelaide W.

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