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DiSC Profile: Blog Updates and Development Tips

How to Manage your Glassdoor Reviews

What is Glassdoor? Glassdoor is a website that is utilized by potential candidates to understand the experience of being an employee at your comp...

Understanding the I Influence DiSC® Personality Style

When you are working with someone who possesses the, I, Influence DiSC personality style you will naturally gravitate to this individual as they ar...

Four Strategies to Improve Performance Management

Now that 2018 is quickly coming to close, managers must prepare for the performance management season and hold performance discussions with their employees.

Understanding the D (Dominance) DiSC Personality Style

When you are working with someone who possesses the D (dominance) personality style, strap your seatbelt on and embrace the fast-paced style of the...

The Impact of the Confirmation Hearing on Your Workplace

Last week Americans were glued to their television sets watching the confirmation hearings. It was a made for daytime television drama, however, it was real, not a reality show and definitely not a soap opera. At the core of the alleged sexual assault, your organization may find that it is beneficial to keep the politics of the hearing out of your workplace to ensure an engaged and productive workforce. However, failing to consider the hearings and the impact of the hearings on your employees may have an immediate and long-term impact on your business.

Understanding your DiSC Profile Results


Now that you have completed your DiSC Profile you are probably wondering how to interpret the results of your DiSC personality report.

The DiSC personality report is straightforward to understand and doesn't require a licensed psychologist or interpreter to review the results with you.  Our Everything DiSC assessments are written in the purest form to make it accessible to everyone who would like to understand their personality style and leverage their strengths to improve their productivity.

Stop Recruiting for Fit and Do This Instead

Organizations have been using fit as a metric to identify the best candidate for a role. Cultural fit assesses how well the potential candidates ...

What's in a Name?

A name is such a critical part of an individual's DNA.  Parents have waited nine months to see their child and give them a name that they believe ...

Labor Day 2018


Free DiSC Assessment Online

Are you looking for the free disc assessments? Well, you came to the right place. At DiSC Bodhi, we offer you a wide variety of DiSC personality profiles so that you can better understand yourself and understand others with a differing personality profile, thereby increasing your ability to influence others.

How to Take the DiSC® Assessment?

There are two types of DiSC tests available.  You can take a DiSC assessment in a paper format or you can take the electronic version online and which is available to you instantly.  The paper-based DiSC® assessment is known as the DiSC® Classic paper profile and the online version is Everything DiSC®.

How to Handle Secret Recordings in the Workplace?

How to handle secret recordings in the workplace? We have seen high profile incidents of employees secretly recording conversations in the workplac...