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DiSC Profile: Blog Updates and Development Tips

Stop Recruiting for Fit and Do This Instead

Organizations have been using fit as a metric to identify the best candidate for a role. Cultural fit assesses how well the potential candidates ...

What's in a Name?

A name is such a critical part of an individual's DNA.  Parents have waited nine months to see their child and give them a name that they believe ...

Labor Day 2018

Labor Day 2018

Free DiSC Assessment Online

Are you looking for free discprofiles? Well, you came to the right place. At DiSC Bodhi, we offer you a wide variety of DiSC personality profiles so that you can better understand yourself and understand others with a differing personality profile, thereby increasing your ability to influence others.

How to Take the DiSC® Assessment?

There are two types of DiSC tests available.  You can take a DiSC assessment in a paper format or you can take the electronic version online and which is available to you instantly.  The paper-based DiSC® assessment is known as the DiSC® Classic paper profile and the online version is Everything DiSC®.

How to Handle Secret Recordings in the Workplace?

How to handle secret recordings in the workplace? We have seen high profile incidents of employees secretly recording conversations in the workplac...

Are You a Fair Manager?


You’ve just landed your new management position.  You worked extremely hard to achieve this accomplishment. Finally, you are a manager.

As a new manager, you will be responsible for your staff, motivating employees, managing their performance, and developing employees.  Each employee brings to the workplace their different technical experience and life experience.  Some employees are social butterflies, and others are introverted and prefer to work alone.  The composition of your team structure, their identity, the way the work gets done, create your work environment.  Each employee brings something unique to your work environment.  

How to Promote Collaboration and Teamwork

How to Promote Collaboration and Teamwork
In most organizations today, teamwork and collaboration are required to face the most pressing business issues. However, how does a manager promote collaboration and teamwork on a team to drive performance?  Developing collaboration and teamwork requires an employee to connect their work to the broader goals.

How to Develop a Talent Strategy Inclusive of Gig Workers

With many organizations facing a war for talent, and the landscape to find qualified employees extremely competitive, how will your organization find the talent you need to achieve your organizational goals.

The Power of Diversity, Five Generations in the Workforce, and How to Get Someone to Put Away Their Phone

This week in review looks at the power of diversity within us.  Before we consider the diversity of others, or within organizations, let us look a...

Cultural Faux Pas, Talent Reviews and Diversity

  This week in review looks at cultural faux pas and ways that we can be more culturally sensitive.  In addition, we tackle the issue of Talent Rev...

Rethinking Talent Reviews

As part of the responsibilities as a Manager, you are accountable for managing your employees’ performance, assessing if they are meeting the performance standards, identifying development opportunities to achieve their career aspirations and meeting organizational objectives.