Understanding the C (Conscientiousness) Personality Style


Understanding the C (Conscientiousness) DiSC Personality Style:  Overview

When you are working with someone who possesses the, C, Conscientiousness DiSC personality style you will find that individuals who possess this style look at themselves as systemic and having a strong focus on accuracy.  The C, Conscientiousness, DiSC personality type individuals are reserved and are likely to keep to themselves. 

In their pursuit of accomplishing their goals, you may experience the C, Conscientiousness, DiSC personality type and find they are private, analytical, and precise.

The C, Conscientiousness, DiSC Personality type of individual puts a strong emphasis on logic and accuracy.  As such, when they are working on projects, they are careful to ensure that they get things right.  The conscientious DiSC personality style individual also value their privacy and can come across as impersonal if you don't know them well.  

Understanding the C (Conscientiousness) DiSC Personality Style:  Characteristics 

  • Maintaining Composure
  • Showing Modesty
  • Promoting Disciplined Analysis

Understanding the C (Conscientiousness) DiSC Personality Style:  Priorities 

When we look at the DiSC assessment for someone with a C DiSC personality style, the priorities that surround the Conscientiousness DiSC personality style are stability, accuracy, and challenge.

  • Stability
    • Working at a consistent, steady pace
    • Creating schedules for projects
    • Following established rules and procedures
  • Accuracy
    • Taking the extra time to ensure quality
    • Making decisions that are based on logic, not emotion
    • Taking time to analyze choices in-depth before making a decision
  • Challenge
    • Questioning procedures or practices that aren’t efficient
    • Speaking up about problems
    • Challenging ideas that don’t seem logical


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