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DiSC profiles help unleash your potential as a Manager.  Your ability to be an effective Manager is instrumental in the success of your career.  Management requires the ability to lead and influence others (inside and outside of the workplace), in some cases, you may not have direct authority over those you have to influence.  Have you noticed charismatic Managers who indirectly influence individuals to get work done with little effort?  Well, you can become an influential Manager too, with practice and our Everything DiSC® Management profile assessment tool!

DiSC profiles, Everything DiSC Management® Profile, allows Managers to understand themselves better.  Managers with greater self-awareness on their behaviors, motivators, and stressors can better support and understand their employees' DiSC personality type and learn how to effectively engage with employees, leaders, and peers with other DiSC personality types in the workplace. Everything DiSC® Management Profile helps you to:

  • Gain greater self-awareness by understanding your DiSC personality type
  • Learn how to effectively engage with your team and motivate the team to achieve optimal performance
  • Manage up by understanding how you can influence senior leaders to achieve organizational outcomes

    Everything DiSC® Management Profile (sometimes referred to as the DiSC® personality test) allows you to adapt your style to achieve successful outcomes by communicating effectively, engaging with peers, employees, and managers.  

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