What is a DiSC Profile?

DiSC profiles can help you learn about yourself and others, in a way that can help create better communication, cultivate team building, and more. DiSC profiles help you to create strategies which directly enhance working with others. Being transparent and communicating with employees and your peers will be simpler when you understand your work style and behaviors, the reasons you do the things you do, and how to effectively communicate with others with a different style.


The DiSC profile is an assessment which allows you to better understand yourself, recognize how you are perceived by others, and it impacts how you communicate and engage with others. DiSC profiles analyze your natural tendencies and priorities. Each year, more than one million people worldwide utilize the tool in more than 70 countries across the globe.  

Everything DiSC® establishes a common language to improve communication, teamwork and enhance productivity in the workplace.



Although DiSC® describes four styles (D, i, S, and C), the model is two-dimensional.

The first dimension runs along the vertical axis, from fast-paced at the top, and moderate pace at the bottom. It depicts an individuals activity level, their energy.

The second dimension runs along the horizontal axis, ranges from skeptical on the left, to accepting on the right. People whose dot fall to the left are expected to be more questioning and cynical. While people who fall to the right are expected to be more trusting of others.

The two dimensions of DiSC® create four quadrants which many people are familiar with and refer to as their DiSC® style.

In additions to the four quadrants, DiSC® drills down deeper into twelve segments to give you a more accurate view of your DiSC styles. Many individuals have a primary and secondary style. So instead of just being a "D," an individuals style may be an "iD" which demonstrates that their primary style is Influencing, however, given a certain situation, they have the tendency to respond with the D (dominance) style also.

With practice, we all have the ability to utilize all four styles of the DiSC® model.

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