DiSC Profile: What is the Purpose of DiSC®?


The purpose of a DiSC assessment is to help you understand your work-related behaviors, the behaviors of others and how to manage this effectively at work for a successful outcome.  

Workplace relationships can be complicated to manage, but there is a secret to improve how you engage with others in the workplace.  The secret is you!

Do you believe that you have the key to unlock the potential of every relationship in your organization?  That's right you do.  With discprofiles as the foundation, you can quickly learn to navigate your workplace.

Our Everything DiSC® personality profile is a personal development assessment which provides you with insight into your priorities, motivators, and stressors.  It provides you with information on your DiSC personality type, helping you to understand your behaviors better.  Additionally, the DiSC personality assessment will give you with insight into the styles of others with a differing DiSC style, and provides tips on how you can work effectively with all styles helping you to understand what their motivators and stressors are. 

DiSC assessment isn't the only assessment in the marketplace to measure personality.  However, users of DiSC are raving fans of the simplicity of the product.  Understanding your profile results doesn't require a debrief with a psychologist holding a Ph.D.  That's how simple DiSC is to use.  

While the DiSC personality assessment doesn't require you to debrief with an expert, it is useful if you partner with someone who has experience administering the profile.  This individual can help you to review the results of your assessment, identify your strengths and find opportunities to leverage these strengths in the workplace, and finally, create a plan of action for you to execute.

We offer a wide variety of DiSC assessments to help meet your individual and organizational needs.

The Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile is used to help transform the individual in the workplace.  It teaches individuals about their own DiSC personality type, the differing DiSC styles and how to work with others.

The Everything DiSC® Management Profile provides insight into your DiSC personality style, how your style influences how you manage, how to develop employees based on their DiSC type, and how to manage and influence your own boss and other senior leaders.

In addition to the Everything DiSC® Workplace and Management Profiles, we also have Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders, Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile, Everything DiSC® Sales, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, and Everything DiSC® Group Culture

So now that you learned about the purpose of DiSC profiles, you can order and complete your DiSC assessment today.  When you order the DiSC personality profile, you will receive an with a link to access the assessment.   You will answer questions about your behavior and respond to what behaviors are most like you or least like you.  Once you respond to all the questions in the assessment, your DiSC assessment results will be generated and will be available for you to review immediately.

Everything DiSC personality profiles allow you to unleash the dynamics of your personality, allowing you to build effective relationships with others in a meaningful way.