HR Consulting Services


As a business leader, you have so many responsibilities on your plate, and the administrative tasks of managing the people aspect of your workforce can be significantly reduced by partnering with a Human Resources Consultant.

Human Resources Consultants work with you to help enhance your existing workforce. Your Human Resources Consultant can reduce the administrative burden of tedious tasks such as managing payroll, compliance, workers compensation, unemployment hearings and grievances.

In addition to supporting you with the administrative responsibilities of Human Resources, a Strategic Human Resources Consultant will partner with you to align your business strategy to your human capital strategy. The services provided by a Human Resource consultant goes well beyond what is offered to you by most Professional Organizations, or Employee Leasing Companies. Professional Organization and Employee Leasing companies are not experienced in organizational development, developing solutions to manage your spans and layers, or having a pulse on your organization's culture to measure the engagement level of your employees'.

At DISC Bodhi, we have experienced Human Resources Consultants that partner with management teams to provide a broad range of solutions for achieving business objectives, including Talent Management, Organizational Development, Labor Relations, HR Service Delivery, Human Resources Policies and Procedures at multiple sites, and in union environments.

Our experienced Human Resources Consultants leverage best practices in:

Claims and Investigation

Our Human Resources Consultants are experts in managing unemployment claims and internal investigations. Partner with us to respond to your claims investigation and have us represent you at your next unemployment hearings.

Managing employee relations and complaints require significant time and a commitment to conduct thorough investigations. Our Human Resources Consultant are experts in navigating the networks in organizations to get to the core of an investigation, providing you with a sound resolution to the problem.  

Compensation and Benefits

Partner with our Human Resources Consultants to develop a comprehensive total compensation package for the roles in your organization. Employees' have a choice in what job offer they will accept. Developing a competitive compensation package will differentiates your organization against your competitors in the war for talent.


Neglecting your Human Resources Compliance responsibilities could result in legal claims against your business.

Our Human Resources Consultants can ensure that you comply with all regulations such as Anti-Discrimination Laws, Wage and Hour Laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), benefit laws such as Affordable Care Act, the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Consolidate Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA); Safety Laws - OSHA, and Union Laws.

Diversity and Inclusion

Many believe that simply placing an EEOC statement on your website and in your job description accomplishes your goals of diversity. Building diversity in your organization is critical. Your customers and employees require you to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Employee Relations

The importance of employee relations is critical to maintaining an engaged and productive workforce. Our consultants will partner with your business leaders and employee to provide independent counsel and solutions to workplace issues.

Organizational Development

The importance of organizational development is critical to aligning your strategy, structure, processes, people, rewards and metrics to influence organizational performance.

Performance Management

We will partner with you to define and develop your performance management strategy. Establish a framework on measuring performance. Train managers' and employees' on preparing for performance conversations and hosting performance discussions.


Recruiting is critical to your business strategy. Partner with our organization to make the best hiring decisions. Our Human Resources Consultants conduct needs assessment to fully understand your business, your organizational culture, and the key challenges facing your organization, allowing us to develop a key candidate persona aligning to the role and your business needs. Reduce turnover and improve your recruiting performance today.

Selection and Assessments

Improve your recruiting and development process with our candidate assessment and development assessment tools. Our PXT Select® pre-employment assessment tools will help you make hiring decisions based on data and our DiSC personality assessments will enhance communication in your workplace by leveraging your employees' personal strenghts.

Training and Development

Your training and development programs will be a critical factor in the success of your business. The number one concern for most CEO's is that their workforce will not have the skills required for the future. Building your strategy for training and development will ensure that you are equipped with a skilled workforce that's agile and can pivot to support your business strategy. Our organization provides eLearning, in-person, and customized solutions to support and up-skill your workforce.