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DISC Bodhi works with media partners to provide insight and tips on how to develop employees and management.  Our list of our media partners continues to grow.  Here are a few of the articles that have referenced our expertise about managing employees, communicating effectively, and developing the culture of your organization.


SHRM:  Society of Human Resources Management

Phone Zombies Create Problem at Work

"Coaching Phone Snubbers 

Petal Bovell-Proffitt, founder and president of talent management company Disc Bodhi in Brooklyn, N.Y., has started coaching managers on curbing their phubbing.

A manager/employee meeting "is an opportunity to build a connection, discuss performance, get feedback [or be] coached. … [But] phone snubbing impacts employee engagement and morale," 



How Essential is LinkedIn?  9 Great Insights



Creative Ways Managers Can Keep Employees Engaged



What Makes Good Employees Quit? 16 Most Common Reasons


IFP:  Insights for Professionals

13 Tried and Tested Management Tips

"Petal Bovell-Proffitt, founder of DISC Bodhi:

Managers today need the capacity to coach and develop their employees.  To do so, managers must be able to connect with their employees, to understand what the employee needs and how they can offer support.  The structure of an organization is moving from hierarchal to a more fluid team based approach, therefore, managers can’t just tell employees what to do or hand out directives, they have to coach the employees on how to do their job."