DISC Bodhi works with media partners to provide insight and tips on how to develop employees and management.  Our list of our media partners continues to grow.  Here are a few of the articles that have referenced our expertise about managing employees, communicating effectively, and developing the culture of your organization.

Coaching Phone Snubbers

Petal Bovell-Proffitt, founder and president of talent management company Disc Bodhi in Brooklyn, N.Y., has started coaching managers on curbing their phubbing.

A manager/employee meeting "is an opportunity to build a connection, discuss performance, get feedback [or be] coached. … [But] phone snubbing impacts employee engagement and morale,"


How Essential is LinkedIn? 9 Great Insights

LinkedIn is critical in business to business as it helps you to quickly connect with your potential customers. It helps you identify what their interests are and what is going on in their business by having access to their updates and posts on their feed if you are connected. Finally, it allows you to directly build a relationship and engage with the potential customer, creating an opportunity for trust.


Creative Ways Managers Can Keep Eployees Engaged

A creative way to keep employees engaged is for…”

The Manager to build a trusting relationship with the employee. Employees who work with Managers that they trust and like go the extra mile for their Manager and team to achieve successful outcomes. Creating trust takes work with both the manager and employee. Managers have to learn what’s important to that individual, what motivates and drives them. Then they have to engage with them in a manner that works for them.


What Makes Good Employees Quit? 16 Most Common Reasons

The reason why good employees quit is because they are not being developed. Employees recognize that there is a lack of opportunity in their organizations. Employees value their careers and wants the opportunity to advance. Managers who provide their employees opportunities to develop their careers are in a good position to retain their employees.

13 Tried and Tested Management Tips (From the People that Use Them)

Managers today need the capacity to coach and develop their employees. To do so, managers must be able to connect with their employees, to understand what the employee needs and how they can offer support.