What is Coaching?

DiSC Profiles_What is Coaching

Coaching is a process of development that is centered on you. Coaching provides you with:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Allows you to take action
  • Creates new behaviors
  • Achieve professional and personal development goals

Our coaching is based on the foundation of the DiSC® personality assessment model. We utilize your DiSC assessment results to show you how you can enhance performance results.



Career Assessment Strategy

The career assessment strategy is an important step in leveraging your networks and preparing for your next career opportunity. As they say, it's always easier to get a job when you don't need one, therefore, that requires having an update resume with keywords embedded to pass the ATS applicant tracking system. Sounds like a lot of jargon and fancy words ...I agree, it is! However, but that is the reality of job search today. Your resume never makes it through to a recruiter to even know about you and your skillsets, but you can change that by having a career assessment strategy.

The Career Assessment Strategy includes:

  • Everything DiSC assessment
  • Two thirty minutes (30 mins) phone call or skype session
  • LinkedIn profile or resume review
  • Job search strategy session

Career Mediation Strategy

Sometimes things do not work out as we planned it, and as such, we need someone in our corner to help us see things more clearly. With our career mediation strategy, we help you to navigate your organization ensuring you a successful outcome. If something occurs in the workplace that is making you uneasy, let's partner to ensure what was done was fair, and identify any recourse that you may have.

As a result of our extensive Human Resources background, we know how to navigate the compliance, policies and procedures in many organizations and can devise a strategy to get you the support that you need or have your concerns heard. Knowing how to navigate and negotiate for your career with prove beneficial in managing your career.

Our career mediation strategy includes:

  • Everything DiSC assessment
  • Two thirty minute phone calls (one hour total) or skype session
  • A plan of action

Career Planning Strategy

Your career planning strategy is a high stakes investment that offers a long term reward. We work with you to help you navigate the next steps steps of your career. If you are searching for that next career opportunity, we partner with you to identify potential next steps, discuss the knowledge, skills and abilities required to get you there. If you have the offer in hand, we discuss the offer opportunity to ensure it aligns with market standards and job responsibilities are accurately aligned.  

Our career planning strategy includes:

  • An assessment
  • Four thirty minute phone call (two hours total) or skype session
  • A plan of action

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Success Factors

DiSC Profiles_Coaching_Success Factors

The number one factor that leads to success in a coaching engagement is you.  

You determine the success of your coaching engagement.  

To receive optimal results you must:

  • Be Engaged
  • Search for true self-awareness
  • Address all of those deep-rooted quirks that you define as "that's just the way I am."  

Without this truth and honesty with yourself, no coach can help you. You must take the first step and be open to the coaching engagement.

Our Process

DiSC Profiles_Coaching_Our Process
  1. Intake
  2. Assessment
  3. Development
  4. Action Plan


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