Which DiSC® Profile Should I Buy?


DiSC® profiles have evolved since the introduction of William Moulton Martson's book "Emotions of Normal People."  With the evolution and History of DiSC®, today, the Everything DiSC® profile is predominantly used in most organizations.  With such a robust product offering, this chart will help you identify the best profile for your organization.

 Everything DiSC®

DiSC Classic®

Best Solution When

You have specific development objectives.

Have a significant population of employee with access to a computer

Employees are have the flexibility to access the assessment and supporting resources at their leisure

You had prior experience with DiSC Classic®

Have a significant population of employees with limited access to a computer

Have a significant union staff and you require the completion of the DiSC assessment while on shift

Certification Certification is available but not required  Certification is no longer available
Profiles for Employees



DiSC Workplace® Profile



DiSC Classic (Paper)

-The original 28 question assessment

DiSC Classic 2.0 (Online)

-The 28 question assessment online


Profiles for Managers DiSC Management® Profile

DiSC Classic 2 Plus  (Online)

28 question assessment plus six questions on management, selling and relating

Profiles for Leaders

DiSC Work of Leaders®

DiSC Leadership 363®

Profiles for Sales DiSC Sales® N/A
Customized Reports

DiSC Facilitator Report

DiSC Group Culture Report

DiSC Facilitator Report

DiSC Group Culture Report

Facilitation Materials Facilitation Kit Facilitation Kit
Completion Time  & Questions

80 questions

15 - 20 minutes

circumplex model scored on 8 scales

Adaptive testing which provides greater accuracy

28 questions

10 minutes

line graph scored on 4 scales



Availability of Results Results available instantly

Paper profiles plotted manually

DiSC Classic 2.0 and 2.0 Plus results available immediately

Access the Assessment

Survey link emailed to purchaser and provided to participants


Paper profiles provided to participants

DiSC Classic users are emailed survey link