Understanding the S, Support, DiSC® Personality Style


Understanding the S (Support) DiSC Personality Style:  Overview

When you are working with someone who possesses the, S, Support DiSC personality style you will find that they will go out of their way to make others happy.  An individual with an S style is patient with others and comes across an even-tempered.  The, S, Support, DiSC personality type individuals are empathetic and trusting.

In their pursuit of maintaining harmony the S, Support, DiSC personality type would prefer to keep their opinions to themselves rather than to hurt someone’s feeling.

The S, Support, DiSC Personality type of individual values relationships and empathizes and listens to others.  As such, they avoid tough decisions to spare feelings.  As a result of the emphasis they place on harmony, they avoid giving constructive criticism and struggle with indecisiveness.

Understanding the S (Support) DiSC Personality Style:  Characteristics 

  • Being Approachable
  • Maintaining Composure
  • Showing Diplomacy

Understanding the S (Support) DiSC Personality Style:  Priorities

When we look at the DiSC assessment for someone with an S personality style, the priorities that surround the Support DiSC personality style are collaboration, support, and reliability.

  • Collaboration

    • Making sure that everyone’s getting along
    • Providing feedback in a way that’s warm and understanding
    • Encouraging teamwork
  • Support

    • Taking the time to listen to people’s concerns and fears
    • Letting people know that you’re patient with their mistakes
    • Checking in with people to make sure they are doing okay
  • Reliability

    • Creating a stable work environment
    • Providing people with clear guidelines for doing their work
    • Checking to make sure people have the resources they need


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