Strategies to Improve your Candidate Pipeline

It truly has been a hectic first quarter which impacted the release of our weekly blog articles.  While this isn't a full blog article, I wanted to share this article with you as it provides some insightful facts that you should leverage in your business operations to improve access to critical talent.


  1. "75% of resumes don’t make it past Applicant Tracking Systems" Are you struggling with finding suitable talent to fill your open roles. Ensure that in addition to your ATS system, humans are going through your platform to find viable candidates that your ATS system likely identified as not a fit.


  1. "When recruiting, are you asking questions that get to someone’s capabilities or are you seeking confirming data that someone has done exactly what you have already scoped?" Sometimes the scope of the role is defined, and we are seeking this candidate to meet all the requirements to confirm that they are a fit for the position. Think outside of the box to identify and unleash the full capabilities of an individual's skill set. Is your interviewing process/questions limiting the ability to uncover the real potential of a candidate?


  1. "77% of all jobs (60% in the U.S. and 80% worldwide) require little to no creativity, decision-making, or independent judgment." I want to work at a job that doesn't allow me to be creative and utilize independent judgment said no one ever. If employees' feel that you are blocking their progress and creativity, they will find an organization that allows them autonomy, decision-making rights and the freedom to be creative.

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