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DiSC Profile: Management tips to improve performance

How to Handle Secret Recordings in the Workplace?

How to handle secret recordings in the workplace? We have seen high profile incidents of employees secretly recording conversations in the workplac...

Are You a Fair Manager?


You’ve just landed your new management position.  You worked extremely hard to achieve this accomplishment. Finally, you are a manager.

As a new manager, you will be responsible for your staff, motivating employees, managing their performance, and developing employees.  Each employee brings to the workplace their different technical experience and life experience.  Some employees are social butterflies, and others are introverted and prefer to work alone.  The composition of your team structure, their identity, the way the work gets done, create your work environment.  Each employee brings something unique to your work environment.  

How to Promote Collaboration and Teamwork

In most organizations today, teamwork and collaboration are required to face the most pressing business issues. However, how does a manager promote collaboration and teamwork on a team to drive performance?  Developing collaboration and teamwork requires an employee to connect their work to the broader goals.

How to Develop a Talent Strategy Inclusive of Gig Workers

Creating an effective workforce strategy to attract digitally savvy workers is the first step to addressing your talent shortage.  The workforce of the future will be open-source and allow employees to work freely.  The people will be the driver of the employee experience.  Organizations will have to consider that all employees' needs, inclusive of gig workers, and design experiences that are fluid and align to the needs of the employee.  That will require a different approach on how we attract, develop and retain employees which require our organizational policies and benefits services to align with the future and provide services for all.

The Power of Diversity, Five Generations in the Workforce, and How to Get Someone to Put Away Their Phone

This week in review looks at the power of diversity within us.  Before we consider the diversity of others, or within organizations, let us look a...

Cultural Faux Pas, Talent Reviews and Diversity

  This week in review looks at cultural faux pas and ways that we can be more culturally sensitive.  In addition, we tackle the issue of Talent Rev...

Rethinking Talent Reviews

As part of the responsibilities as a Manager, you are accountable for managing your employees’ performance, assessing if they are meeting the performance standards, identifying development opportunities to achieve their career aspirations and meeting organizational objectives.

Happy 4th of July


Are You Driving High Performers to Burnout?

What unnecessary burden do you put on you’re A team leaders when you use them all the time.  Your A team members may start to feel disgruntled or angry as they are picking up the slack for the rest of the team, or they may feel that you treat then unfairly by giving them the toughest job and experience anxiety from having to live up to your expectations on the many projects you volunteer them on.

Dealing with Suicide at Work

Suicide has become global news as fashion icon Kate Spade, and Celebrity Chef and Television Personality Anthony Bourdain committed suicide.  Many ...

LOVE is our Guiding Star

LOVE is the guiding star.

LOVE is at the root of everything.

We are on a critical path for humanity. A lot of discord, insecurity, and fears exist in our world today. Some individuals are driving a climate of fear and anxiety for personal gain and advancing their agenda. It’s creating a world where individuals are disconnected, lack trust and empathy for their neighbors.

DiSC Profiles: DiSC a Tool for Communicating.

Our week in review focused on a few articles which highlight the impact that self-awareness and how having an in-depth knowledge of who you are ...