DiSC Assessment: How to Take the DiSC® Assessment?

DiSC Assessment Explained

There are two types of DiSC personality assessments available.  You can complete a DiSC assessment in a paper format, or you can complete the DiSC assessment in the electronic version of DiSC personality profiles online.   Your DiSC assessment result report is available to you instantly.  The paper-based DiSC® assessment is known as the DiSC® Classic paper profile, and the online version is Everything DiSC®.

DiSC Assessment Explained:  DiSC® Classic Paper Profile


When you take a DiSC Classic assessment in the paper format, you will find the DiSC® Classic Paper profile consists of twenty-eight (28) sections that use four adjectives to describe your behavior.  You must respond to each of the adjective section by using a coin to identify an adjective that is most like you and least like you for each section. 

Once all twenty-eight responses are completed, participants then tally each of the shaded sections.  Tallying will provide a response to the graph I which is the most section, graph II which is the least section and graph III which is the difference between graph I and graph II. 

The graphs help to identify the individuals' DiSC classical pattern and intensity index. 

DiSC Classic offers individuals and organizations with limited access to the computer to have the ability to take the DiSC assessment.  While DiSC assessments have gone through a series of advancement in their assessments, the discprofile paper format is still a great way to introduce employees to DiSC.

DiSC Assessment Explained:  Online DiSC Profiles (Everything DiSC)


Another way that individuals can take the DiSC personality test is by purchasing an Everything DiSC profile which is delivered through our EPIC cloud-based solution. 

Everything DiSC assessments provide a wide variety of DiSC profiles and supporting DiSC assessment reports to help enhance an individual’s self-awareness, helping them to build more effective relationships.  Some of our Everything DiSC profiles include Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile, Everything DiSC® Sales Profiles, Everything DiSC® Management Profile, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profiles, Everything DiSC® Productive and Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Profiles

Each of these DiSC assessment reports also has a matching facilitator (sold separately) report that provides the facilitator with an overview of the participants or the team results.  The facilitator will get an idea of where and how each individual scored so that they can provide tailored coaching and support.

Another useful DiSC assessment report offered in the Everything DiSC personality profiles is the Everything DiSC group culture report which looks at the demographics of the team's DiSC personality type and provides insight into how the team works, where the team might experience conflict, and how to enable the team to work effectively.

We also provide some free DiSC assessment reports offered to EPIC account holders and accessed through the EPIC system.  Our discprofile free reports include Everything DiSC® Comparison Report, Everything DiSC Sales® Customer Interaction Map, Everything DiSC® Supplement for Facilitators,  and Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Coaching Supplement.


DiSC Assessment Explained:  Our Recommendation

Our recommendation when introducing DiSC to someone or an organization that has never used it before is to start with the DiSC Workplace® profile.  The Everything DiSC Workplace® profile is the baseline product for Everything DiSC.  It provides individuals with an overview of their discprofile, provides a storyline on their DiSC behavior, and provides context on how their DiSC personality type can work with others of a differing DiSC personality type.

As you can see, our assessments offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs.  If you still need help identifying which DiSC profile to choose, please reach out to us at info@discbodhi.com .


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