Understanding the D (Dominance) DiSC Personality Style


Understanding the D (Dominance) DiSC Personality Style:  Overview

When you are working with someone who possesses the D (dominance) personality style, strap your seatbelt on and embrace the fast-paced style of the D individual. Individuals with the D personality type are bold, big-picture thinkers, they challenge themselves as well as others, and like to get things done.

In their pursuit of accomplishing their goals, you may experience the D personality type and find they are self-confident, risk-takers, and direct and forceful.   

As much as the D personality type likes to win and achieve successful outcomes, they sometimes get in their own way.  They tend to show a lack of concerns for others, are impatient, and can be insensitive at times.  They have little patience for things that stand in the way of progress, including taking a long time to decide on how to move forward.

Understanding the D (Dominance) DiSC Personality Style:  Characteristics

  • Focuses on results
  • Big picture thinkers
  • High need for achievement
  • Values action and drive
  • Questioning and skeptical

Understanding the D (Dominance) DiSC Personality Style:  Priorities

When we look at the DiSC assessment for D personality style, the priorities that surround the D style are results, action, and challenge.

  • Results
    • Strong willed
    • Drive
    • Determined
  • Action
    • Achieves goals (quickly and forcefully)
    • Bold
    • Embraces change
  • Challenge
    • Controls outcome
    • Questioning and independent-minded
    • Challenges self and others



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