How To Manage Your Glassdoor Reviews


What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is a website that is used by potential candidates to understand the experience of being an employee at your company. Additionally, the platform is also used for existing and former to share details on your organizational culture anonymously. It provides critical insight into the organizational culture, compensation, and the effectiveness of the leadership team.

Actively managed Glassdoor reviews can have a positive impact on your company’s brand and the employer value proposition in the marketplace when recruiting for future talent.

How Should You Manage Glass Door Reviews?

As an organization, you should continuously assess your profile on Glassdoor to have insight into the nuisance of your organizational culture and the true feel for your workplace environment. Your companies Glassdoor profile allows candidates and existing and former employees, to provide their feedback, confidentially, on their workplace experience at your organization. Various individuals, from candidates who are actively going through the recruitment process, to current employees, or former employees can share their experience about their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction engaging with any part of your business, throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

The identity of the individual who provided the feedback on their experience with your organization is not disclosed to the public making it hard for employers to identify exactly who provided the feedback. However, the Glassdoor does provide you with an opportunity to proactively manage your brand to highlight the good in your organizational culture and to engage with and respond to reviews directly.

Glassdoor provides you with significant data to help you understand the employee journey and the workplace experiences that should be considered for improvement. For example, if employees on your Glassdoor profile provide feedback that the organization is an excellent company to work for but fall short when it fails to provide dental insurance, this data provides an opportunity for the organization to consider if they should provide dental insurance.
  • How likely would adding dental insurance improve your employee experience? 
  • How would potential candidates view your company’s brand if they learned you don’t provide insurance? 
  • How do negative reviews impact your recruiting strategy?

You should review all feedback provided on Glassdoor to determine if any of the feedback is valid and requires action from your organization and take action to remedy issues identified.

Develop Your Plan of Action for Glass Door Reviews

After accessing all of the feedback provided on the Glassdoor website about your company, create a bucket list on the impact of the feedback and your defined next steps. If the comments are valid, add all valid comments into a valid section. If the comments are not valid, add those comments into a not valid section. Determine if employees were simply complaining or if there is some truth to their concerns. If the feedback provided on Glassdoor is true, what will be your course of action to address the issue? For example, if pay comes up as an issue:
  • Determine if these employees are merely complaining or based on market data are they underpaid
  • Have you conducted a compensation benchmark study to understand if your pay practices are aligned with the market? 
  • Even if the concerns of the employees are valid, are you financially in a position to provide compensation increases? If not now, when?

Proactively manage your organization’s presence on Glassdoor. Review the site to learn about the candidate and employees’ experience with your organization. Respond to employees’ feedback on the site to demonstrate that you hear their message and are interested in working with them to find a viable solution to the concerns that they shared. Do not engage in negative debate on the platform. Demonstrate that your organization has an open-door policy and the company is happy to create a work environment that welcomes feedback from all.


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