Understanding the I (Influence) DiSC® Personality Style


When you are working with someone who possesses the, I, Influence DiSC personality style you will naturally gravitate to this individual as they are optimistic, extremely outgoing, and exudes high energy in the workplace.  An individual with the I Influence DiSC personality type is highly sociable and lively. 

Understanding the D (Dominance) DiSC Personality Style:  Overview

In their pursuit of accomplishing their goals, you may experience the I, Influence, DiSC personality type, and find they are enthusiastic and high-spirited.

The I, Influence DiSC Personality type values relationships and is savvy at navigating their organizational network.  As such, they fear social rejection and a loss of influence.  As a result of the emphasis they place on relationships, it is imperative to keep an individual with an I, Influence DiSC Personality style on track as they can get sidetracked. 

Understanding the I (Influence) DiSC Personality Style:  Characteristics

  • Being Approachable
  • Showing Enthusiasm
  • Building Professional Network

Understanding the I (Influence) DiSC Personality Style:  Priorities

When we look at the DiSC assessment for someone with an I personality style, the priorities that surround the Influence DiSC personality style are action, encouragement, and collaboration.

  • Action

    • Encouraging the team to maintain an energetic pace
    • Getting new projects moving quickly
    • Maintaining forward momentum on your team
  • Encouragement

    • Celebrating group victories
    • Praising people for good work
    • Creating enthusiasm in the team
  • Collaboration

    • Encouraging teamwork
    • Building a sense of collaboration
    • Providing feedback in a way that’s warm and understanding


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