Cultural Faux Pas, Talent Reviews and Diversity


This week in review looks at cultural faux pas and ways that we can be more culturally sensitive.  In addition, we tackle the issue of Talent Reviews and how to simplify the process.  Finally, focusing on diversity is not a nice to have; it should be embedded deeply in your business and has an impact on your bottom line.  

    1. I've had my share of cultural faux pas.  When I was a corporate event planner and hosted a medical doctors' dinner at a kosher restaurant, I attempted to shake the restaurant owners hand.  He refused and I was confused.  He and my assistant explained as part of the Hasidic culture he's not allowed to touch other women.
    2. Many organizations conduct talent reviews to keep a pulse on talent in the organization, identify employees' next in line to lead and provide development opportunities.  However, the talent review process is complex and Managers spend lots of hours on paperwork and meetings in preparation for the review.  Here's a simple version that can be adapted to help you quickly and continuously assess talent.
    3. Diversity Matters.  Organizational commitment to diversity has a significant impact on the bottom line.  Your failure to head employees' complaint and take action will significantly hurt your business.  We have seen this played out countless times in the media, most recently with Uber, again, as their CHRO departs.