DiSC Profiles: DiSC a Tool for Communicating.

Our week in review focused on a few articles which highlight the impact that self-awareness and how having an in-depth knowledge of who you are can impact your career and the other individuals you come across.  

Enhancing our self-awareness allows us to live our lives authentically. We understand the "why" of our behavior and strive to make a positive impact. While self-awareness and having a clear view of who we are can feel like the roller coaster of change, ultimately, the analysis and the process that we go through to evolve defines our character.  

Our week in review articles discusses touches on having a greater understanding of self and overcoming the imposter syndrome; learning our own style and leveraging behavioral cues to work effectively with others; recognizing that it takes multiple people to solve complex problems which require us to engage and collaborate with others of differing perspective; and finally, having enough self-awareness, and the confidence to step out of the status quo and go against the grain.


Maybe the secret to overcoming our imposter syndrome is to be more authentic not for others but for ourselves.   "[It] was learning how to be authentic. Not to the audience but to myself.”

We know the glass ceiling is extremely hard to crack. Why follow the rules? Create a new lane ...something you are passionate about that hasn't been done. Watch the entire ceiling fall apart. Learn how Ava DuVernay did it:


Our DiSC® profiles help you to understand your own personality style so that you can effectively engage with others. Learn how to leverage behavioral personality cues to close the deal.

Did you know that solving a complex problem requires input from six different sources? That's what it takes to solve the business challenges of today. Diversity matters.