DiSC Assessment: Advantages of the Everything DiSC® Assessment

DiSC profiles are simple assessments that you can use to determine your personality.  Your DiSC personality type is like your DNA, it's what makes you tick, your behaviors, the things that you do without even thinking about it.

Utilizing DiSC® to understand your DiSC personality type better can have a tremendous impact on your relationships (personal and professional), and improve how you collaborate and partner with others in your organization.  

For example, for individuals in the Sales field, DiSC® personality assessments are utilized to help them understand their selling style and how to effectively engage with customers based on the customer persona.

As an HR leader, you engage with multiple employees across multiple functions.  DiSC® allows you to understand your DiSC assessment type and learn how to people read so that you can adjust your engagement strategy to suit the needs of your customers or employees and ensure that your message resonates and is processed in a manner that they can understand.  Essentially DiSC® works as a communication decoder tool.

DiSC® Workplace Profile_Priorities_Shading


  • DiSC® shows the relationship an individual has with others in a simple and straightforward manner.  You can see where your dot falls on the DiSC® circumplex model and quickly access where others fall.  This allows you to understand what their priorities and motivators are.  In this example, this individual is an I, if his peer falls into the DiSC C personality type, you can see that the I DiSC personality type values collaboration while the C type is focused on accuracy.

Group Dynamics

  • The circular representation of DiSC® and an individuals dot placement, allows the group to understand the dynamics of the team better and the implications of that composition

Adaption and Stress

  • Helps individuals understand how to adapt their DiSC assessment type to work efficiently with others
  • Identifies where an individual may experience stressors (priorities shading) and how they stretch to utilize additional skills and priorities
  • Your priorities and motivators are critical in enhancing your self-awareness.  This data essentially identifies what drives you.  In addition, it demonstrates the impact that you are having on others.  For example, while you an individual with a DiSC personality type D values results, they come across of Direct and aloof, and may not fully impact the damage they are doing to others on the team. 


  • DiSC® provides a simple, memorable way for individuals to understand themselves an others around them


  • DiSC® has proven to be valuable in giving people a language to discuss and value their differences
  • DiSC® is used in organizations to improve critical people skills in the area of management, sales, team dynamics, leadership and communication


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DiSC Training

DiSC®:  Lead Better and Build Productive Relationships

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