DiSC Assessment: Your Manager Asked You to Complete a DiSC® Profile, Now What?

If you were recently asked to complete a DiSC assessment by your manager, don’t freak out.  I’m sure you are wondering why you are the only one on the team required to complete this assessment and you may be concerned about the benefits that it offers.  Before you panic, let's take some time to learn why taking the online DiSC assessment may be a great experience for your personal and professional development. 

What is the DiSC Assessment?

DiSC is a simple assessment which can be completed in ten minutes and provides you insight into your personality, allowing you to understand your natural tendencies and behavioral traits.  In addition, DiSC personality assessments help you to understand the personality style of others thereby creating a more harmonious work environment. 

DiSC is offered as an online DiSC assessment or as the DiSC classic paper profile. 

The online DiSC assessment test is based on 80 questions which are adaptive and based on the circumplex model.  The assessment uses adaptive questions which are based on data and analytics to present you with questions based on your survey response.  This method ensures that the assessment results are specific to you, your personality traits and your way of working. 

The DiSC Classic paper personality profile is based on 28 questions and the graph model.  You will have to score the profile directly.  Instructions are provided on how to complete the DiSC classic report and score the final results. 

In both the Everything DiSC personality profile and the DiSC Classic paper profile, you are provided with a report that helps you to better understand your DiSC personality type,  the impact you have on others and how to work more effectively with others.  DiSC personality profiles allow you to be more influential and enhance your ability to build successful relationships with others. 

Next Steps

Now that you understand the DiSC personality assessment process, you have to understand what you and your Manager would like for you to achieve from this program. 

Your Manager may have already notified you that she wants you to participate in this program and what you can obtain from your participation.

If your Manager has not provided you with feedback on your participation in this program, schedule time with your manager to understand expectations.  Conduct a self-analysis to determine what you would like to achieve from this program.  Ensure that objectives are aligned.  Understand what goal she would like you to accomplish, by when, and what behavioral change is she expecting.  Aligning on goals allows you to understand what key areas to focus on and how it will add value to your organization.  Where objectives are not aligned, identify and discuss gaps and plans to move forward. 

While completing a DiSC assessment only requires ten minutes of time, successfully learning and embedding the recommendation offered in the DiSC personality report will require dedicated time and effort.  It will require you being open to a new way of thinking, demonstrating new behaviors, and being patient with yourself on this journey of self-awareness.  It also requires that you practice using the DiSC personality profiles principles in your day to day operations, makes the DiSC personality profiles model a part of the way you do things, and requires that you measure your performance along the way to assess how things are going.

DiSC personality profiles offer you an enhanced opportunity for development.  However, the DiSC profiles alone cannot develop you.  You are part of the process.  Therefore, to fully obtain the benefits that DiSC offers you must be open-minded and embrace the unknown.