The Power of Diversity, Five Generations in the Workforce, and How to Get Someone to Put Away Their Phone

This week in review looks at the power of diversity within us.  Before we consider the diversity of others, or within organizations, let us look at our individualized diverse power and utilize our diversity to our full potential. 
Next, we took a look at the five generations in the workforce and the tension it creates.  Learn simple strategies on how to effectively engage the entire workforce and enhance organizational performance.
Finally, we look at the impact that cell phones have on the workplace.  As an HR practitioner, employees have voiced their concerns with managers who require your full attention and fail to reciprocate that level of attention with them during one-on-one meetings.  Employees felt like their Manager didn't value their time.  Employees stated that in their one-on-one meeting with leaders the leaders were constantly distracted by their phones.  Learn how to get someone to put away their phone and focus on what's important.
  1. I am trying to get my family off their cellphones.  It has taken over our lives.  At dinner, the whole family is on the phone.   I am the biggest culprit, always checking to make sure that I respond to my clients timely.  How does it impact you?
  2. Can you imagine how difficult it is for people of diverse backgrounds to fit in?  I recall in elementary school where I felt my difference.  I had to learn to embrace my diversity which made me special and unique.
  3. Did you know that there are five generations in the workforce?   How can you ensure that all employees feel valued?