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DiSC Profiles: C (Conscientiousness) DiSC Personality Style


Learn more about the Everything DiSC® personality work styles.  This short video gives you an overview of the DiSC personality type C characteristics which focuses on being objective and precise.

DiSC®:  C Style  .


2.  A cancer diagnosis can lead individuals to experience a series of different emotions such as fear, anxiety, and a sense of loss.  As a manager, a part of your responsibilities is to coach employees to achieve high performance.  So what do you do when your employee advises you that they have been diagnosed with cancer?  No HR workshop prepared you on how to manage this conversation and how to help the employee.  What to Do When Your Employee is Diagnosed with Cancer?


3.  Many women are overlooked when communicating in the workplace.  Your message is silently ignored, while the same message from your male counterpart is applauded.  Here are some tips on getting your message across at work written by the Harvard Business Review "Make Yourself Heard."