DiSC Profiles: Motivating and Engaging Your Staff


DiSC Profiles:  Motivating and Engaging Your Staff Overview

The responsibilities of managing a team include a wide range of duties.  Some of these topics include knowing how to engage and motivate your staff.  To successfully lead your team, you will need to understand their personalities so that you can engage more effectively with them.  Thanks to tools like the DiSC® assessment, you can discover the DiSC® personality types of your employees to determine the best approaches to motivating and engaging your staff.  Utilizing DiSC® profiles can be a great tool to help you effectively engage and develop your team.

DiSC Profiles:  Motivating and Engaging Your Staff -  Eliminate Tension

One way to motivate and engage your staff is to stop creating tension in the workplace.  You may not realize it, but by expecting employees to act just like you, it can cause some friction.  As the manager, you may have a DiSC personality type that's direct and to the point, known as the D assessment type.  As a result of this DiSC personality type, unconsciously, you may expect that when your employees engage with you they are also direct and to the point.  However, the organization is made of unique individuals and different personality traits.  They may value a warm connecting relationship with you, knowing you personally before they even discuss work.

DiSC Profiles:  Motivating and Engaging Your Staff - Team Dynamics

Using the DiSC® profiles, you can better understand your personality, determine the personality traits of your staff and develop effective strategies to work together.  If your employees trust and respect you, and are comfortable at work, you can expect them to deliver higher performance results.  An encreased focus on understanding the dynamics of the team will create a more cohesive unit.

DiSC Profiles:  Motivating and Engaging Your Staff - Recognition

You should also be sure to acknowledge the excellent performance of each employee.  This means that you should recognize their strengths and encourage them to continue to grow.  When you take the time to do this, employees will see that you acknowledge their hard work for your company.  Employees want to know that they are being noticed for their hard work, so taking the time to recognize a job well done will motivate them to continue working hard for you.  This can also help them to unlock their full potential, making them even more valuable employees for your company.  Show them that you have confidence in them by delegating more responsibilities to them.

DiSC Profiles:  Motivating and Engaging Your Staff -Communicate

Another essential part of engaging your staff is by communicating effectively with them.  Having regular check-in meetings offer an excellent opportunity for you to get to know your employees and open up the lines of communications.  This gives them the chance to ask you questions, and you can also ask questions to learn more about their projects and initiatives progress.  Communication is vital for engaging your staff and meetings are only one part of opening up the communication lines.  Regularly use email and phone to contact your employees to check in on how things are going.  Be consistent and transparent with your employees. This will make the staff more open to engaging with you.

Engagement is an essential tool to utilize in your business.  DiSC® profiles can be useful in helping you to understand the behaviors and preferences of your staff better so that you can connect and engage with them on a deeper level.  Thanks to the DiSC® assessments, management is finding effective ways to support the development of their staff.  There are so many benefits to using this assessment as a manager, so you should consider using this DiSC® program if you are not already utilizing it. 


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