DiSC Profiles: DiSC EPIC Account

Are you interested in implementing DiSC assessments at your organization?  Well, let me share with you how simple DiSC is to use and that your employees will love DiSC assessments.  Pretty soon your employee's will naturally start having conversations about their own DiSC personality type, and it will become the natural language of communication internally.  The DiSC personality assessments will take off naturally, no need to force feed it to the organization, and your leadership will thank you for implementing it.  The management team will question why the assessments weren't implemented sooner as they will find it extremely helpful.

What is the DiSC personality assessment?

The DiSC personality assessment is a short assessment to provide participants with insight into their own personality style.  It enhances an individual's self-awareness, allowing them to understand the impact that they have on others, and allows individuals to build more effective relationships.  DISC Bodhi offers the Everything DiSC assessments, as well as the DiSC Classic paper profile.  

How Do I Access the DiSC Assessment?

The DiSC assessment is accessed through the EPIC delivery system.  When you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to access the assessment.  

If you are a large business with multiple employees completing the DiSC profile then it may be best for you to establish an EPIC account to administer and access your profiles in a large organization.

EPIC is the delivery system for the DiSC personality test.  It allows you to manage an account for your company.  Profiles can be purchased by using credits that are funded to your EPIC account.  There are many benefits to using an EPIC account.

You will be able to customize and brand your reports with your company logo.  This will give DiSC profile reports a professional look and they will look the same across the board.  You will be able to send the DiSC assessment reports straight to your employees or customers.  If you have a lot of employees and they have taken a lot of the different assessments, having them all in one place will be convenient.  You can also order all of the assessments straight from your EPIC account, so you’ll never have to go anywhere else to get what you want and need from Everything DiSC®.

You will also be able to receive notifications when an assessment is completed, and then you can download the results right away.  Once downloaded, you can organize the DiSc assessment results in a folder system.  This will allow you to separate the DiSC assessment reports into groups as needed – perhaps by the department, by date, or by the client.

The EPIC account will also give you access to a number of free DiSC profile reports that are available in the system, such as the Everything DiSC comparison report.  From within you EPIC account you can view, print, and email the DiSC profile reports.

 An EPIC account will also allow you to generate some enhanced reports after all group members have taken the necessary individual assessments online.  You can get an Everything DiSC® Culture Group Report, which, as the title suggests, will offer an assessment on how your team functions as a group.  It will explain how groups can develop their own DiSC assessment types, just as an individual can.  This can be very beneficial to a group of workers looking to improve their communication.

Also available is the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Group Report.  This assessment will provide group-level data on preferred behaviors, based on leadership best practices.  The group data will help its leader understand which practices come most naturally to the group, and which don’t.  It will also offer discussion questions which can initiate a dialogue within the group about the effects and implications of the groups' tendencies.

 Signing up for an EPIC account is recommended for companies that will be using ten or more of the DiSC profile reports.  The EPIC account gives you access to everything you need all in one place.  It is flexible and convenient, and you can decide who can view each report, so you have total control and privacy.