Working with Employees Who Rub Others the Wrong Way?

An employee who rubs people the wrong way has blind spots.  They cannot see how their personal style impacts others and causes a strain on interpersonal relationships.  As the Manager, it is your job to address the issue.  

By utilizing Everything DiSC® the employee will gain greater insight into their personal style and demonstrated behaviors.  By answering a series of questions on the DiSC® assessment generates an automated report which provides employees with an overview of their natural inclination.  The results will allow individuals to better understand themselves, develop greater influencing skills, and build more effective relationships. 

In addition to utilizing the Everything DiSC® assessment, it is strongly recommended for Managers to work with their employees and provide real-time feedback to address behavioral issues.  A recent HRB article by Rebecca Knight, author of “How to Help an Employee Who Rubs People the Wrong Way” provides the following guidance to Managers:

  • Prepare what you plan to say
  • Prepare how you plan to say it
  • Focus on growth
  • Stick to the facts
  • Ask for input
  • Calmly stand your ground
  • Problem solve together