DiSC Profiles: Working with Employees Who Rub Others the Wrong Way

Have you ever worked with an employee who had no clue on the impact they have on others?  

We can all relate to working with someone like this. In some scenarios, we are guilty of being that employee. 

How Does an Employee Rub Others the Wrong Way?

An employee who rubs people the wrong way has blind spots.  They cannot see how their DiSC personality type impacts others and causes a strain on interpersonal relationships. 

How can you enhance the group dynamics in your organization if your team is not aligned and conflict exists on the team?

As the Manager, it is your job to address the issue.  You must create an environment where everyone is allowed to flourish.  Understanding your team and the group dynamics in the team, will help you to achieve your business objective and ensure that everyone is aligned with the department's goals and initiatives.  

By utilizing DiSC profilesthe employee will gain greater insight into their DiSC personality type, their motivators, stressors, and priorities.  By answering a series of questions on the assessment, a report is generated which provides employees with an overview of their profile style.  The DiSC assessment report identifies their dot placement on the model, identifying if they are a D, i, S, or C.  The DiSC profile outlines the behavioral characteristics of each DiSC assessment type, priorities, motivators, stressors, and working effectively with other DiSC personality types.  The results allow the employee to better understand themselves, develop greater influencing skills, and build more effective relationships. 

How Does DiSC Profiles Influence the Team?

The DiSC personality test allows you to understand your team and how to work effectively with the team.  It provides insight into your team culture and provides an analysis of what drives and motivates your team to achieve results.  

In addition to utilizing the DiSC assessment, it is strongly recommended for Managers to work with their employees and provide real-time feedback to address behavioral issues.  A recent HRB article by Rebecca Knight, author of “How to Help an Employee Who Rubs People the Wrong Way” provides the following guidance to Managers:

  • Prepare what you plan to say:  Don't wing it.  Value the employee and determine in advance what needs to be discussed.  Provide examples of the situation so that the employee can relate to what is being discussed.
  • Prepare how you plan to say it:  Prepare in advance how you plan to communicate this information to the employee.  Be kind.  Have empathy when sharing this information.  Consider that the behaviors you plan on discussing with the employee may be known to you but unknown (blind spot) to the employee.
  • Focus on growth:  The goal is to help the employee move forward and demonstrate the right behavior.  Therefore, help the employee to focus on growth and how to successfully demonstrate new behaviors.  Demonstrate to them what good looks like.
  • Stick to the facts:  Discuss what is relevant.  What specific behavior you witnessed and how you would like for them to operate in the future.  Don't bring up things from the past that are not relevant.  Also, don't wait until the last minute to drop a bomb on the employee of all the things they are doing wrong.  Provide timely feedback that can be supported by facts.
  • Ask for input:  Solicit input from other individuals (peers, partners, vendors, or senior leaders) on how they experience the employee so that you can provide a deep analysis to the employee that is factual and based on multiple stakeholders.
  • Calmly stand your ground:  The employee may not be receptive to the feedback that you are providing.  Stand your ground and ensure that you share the message with the employee in a respectful manner.  Demonstrate empathy, allow the employee to process the feedback being provided, and ensure that the employee understands the way forward.
  • Problem-solve together:  Solicit solutions to the problem with the employee.  This allows for shared accountability of the desired new behaviors. 

Understanding the Power of DiSC Assessments

DiSC profiles are powerful assessments to embed into your management practice allowing you to gain an understanding of an individuals DiSC assessment type and how to structure work and the team for a successful outcome.  DiSC assessments maximize employees potential by unlocking blind spots and allowing them to gain an enhanced level of self-awareness.  Most organizations who utilize DiSC profiles exceedingly outperform their competitors as they've embedded DiSC personality tests into their culture of high performance.

All DiSC profiles are not created equal.  There are other DISC profiles that have not gone through the rigorous testing comparative to the Wiley branded products (DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC).  When purchasing your DiSC profiles, remember to look for the DiSC with the little i.

To learn more on how to unleash your organizations full potential and achieve exponential performance from your employees, order your DiSC profile today.  Our agents are available to develop a customized approach on how to successfully embed DiSC profiles into your organization.


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