Everything DiSC® Leadership 363


                  The Everything DiSC® Leadership 363 is an assessment that combines the best of 360° feedback with the power and simplicity of DiSC®, plus three strategies for improving your effectiveness as a leader.  It will be even more productive and satisfying than a regular 360° experience.

                  The main difference with Everything DiSC® Leadership 363 compared to other 360° feedback systems, is CommentSmart.  It is a selectable comment system that eliminates the need for raters to write open-ended comments.  This gives the leaders actionable and constructive feedback, without the risk of receiving mean, rude, or disrespectful comments.

                  Everything DiSC® Leadership 363 offers a report that is very easy to understand.  Instead of just producing a bunch of charts and spreadsheets, it uses clear visuals, and a conversational narrative in order to explain and interpret the data.  As with many 360’s, you may be wondering “now what?” once the assessment is over.  Everything DiSC® Leadership 363 answers your question by providing leaders with their next steps.  It will offer three strategies they can focus on now which will improve their leadership effectiveness and can be put into action immediately.

                  The Everything DiSC® Leadership 363 focuses on a set of behaviors called “Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership.”  The assessment will use both multi-rater feedback and well as your own self-assessment to help you determine which aspects of the eight you are strong in, which ones you use the most, and which areas could use a little bit of improvement.

                  With this report, you’ll be able to improve your leadership effectiveness by:

  • Understanding the way other people see you as a leader
  • Discovering and exploring your tendencies within the eight approaches
  • Learning three strategies that will make you a more effective leader

                  The report will begin by giving you an overview of your leadership based on the way you see yourself, as shown in how you answer the questions.  Your raters will answer the same questions about you, and you will then be given a graph that shows your responses in relation to the ones of your raters. In addition to the graph, it will give you a detailed explanation of all areas.

                  The end of the report will go over your three greatest strengths as a leader.  It will allow you to study these in-depth.  It will also take three areas where you may need some more improvement, and turn them into three strategies that you can follow.  Knowing your greatest strengths, and using the three strategies given to you will allow you to greatly improve your effectiveness as a leader.