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Have you ever wondered why it is easy for you to get along with some people and struggle to build a relationship with others?  In the workplace, building productive relationships is especially important when you are managing a team.  Your team will encompass different individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.  While you may enjoy working with some of your employees, as a manager, you have to treat all employees fairly and find some commonality to engage successfully with the team as a whole.  The Everything DiSC® Management Profile is designed to help those in management positions improve their management skills as a leader and learn how to manage and develop employees effectively.

Our Everything DiSC® Profile provides you with great insight into your current management style, priorities, and preferences.  The DiSC® personality profile utilizes your individual assessment data and helps you to learn more about your management style, priorities, and preferences, and will influence how you lead and develop your team.  

Everything DiSC Management Profile:  Motivate

With our DiSC® profiles you will learn how to motivate your staff better, as well as providing them with tailored development opportunities based on their preferences and DiSC personality type.  Understanding your priorities, and the behavioral queues provided by your staff, allows you to personalize your approach to developing your employees.  For example, as a manager, you have a variety of resources available for developing your employees, your insight gained through completing an assessment will allow you to identify employees who value relationships and collaboration, and design development experiences that energizes them.  Employees who are analytical and like reviewing all the data can be assigned to projects that allow them to utilize that skill and add value to the team.  Understanding your DiSC personality type, and how to work effectively with your team will enable you to develop and capitalize on your employees' capabilities effectively. 

Everything DiSC Management Profile:  Delegate

The Everything DiSC® Management Profile will also help you become more comfortable with delegation – handing out tasks can sometimes be intimidating and awkward if you are not comfortable with your authority.  Different people find different work exciting and challenging.  Therefore, delegating assignments personalized to the employees' individual needs will lead to effective outcomes.  However, you must first understand how you approach directing and delegating.  Your personalized DiSC assessment report outlines how you delegate work to employees based on the individualized report and describes potential problems you may encounter and demonstrates how to be effective.  In some cases, employees with a D (direct, dominance) style prefers when a manager assigns them their task and provides them with the freedom to complete the project in a way that works for them;  while other individuals with different personality styles require more context and support with tasks. 

DiSC® will allow you to structure how you engage with employees providing a more personalized approach.  It is a tool for enhancing communication and building productive relationships.  This tool will help you learn how to manage your team more confidently.

Everything DiSC Management Profile: Relationships

One of the most important things a manager can do as a leader is to develop healthy relationships with their direct reports.  It is essential to learn about your employees, their goals, and aspirations, and to figure out how you can help them succeed.  You want to be able to understand the problems they run into, and you want to always be available and able to help.  Employees who feel a deep connection and trust their managers perform better.  DiSC personality profiles allow you to understand your employees and their natural tendencies, motivators, and stressors allowing you to structure your engagement with the employee for a successful outcome.

The advantages of the Everything DiSC® Management Profile is that it provides you with plenty of insight into your own ability to create and maintain meaningful relationships with your employees, and it will give you many tools and strategies to improve them further.  Gaining insight into your "why"; why you make the decisions you make, why you obsess over data before making a decision, or why you value relationships will allow you to learn how to effectively engage with others, and flex your style for a more effective outcome.

Everything DiSC Management Profile:  Feedback

Another essential component to proper management is the ability to give and receive feedback. Ask your employees how they think you are doing, and if they have any ideas or suggestions to improve anything.  Seriously consider what is said, and if something does make sense, implement it.  Employees will be much more willing to accept and support decisions that are made if they feel like they were involved in the process and their opinions were heard and appreciated.  It is important to remember that nobody is perfect, and there is nothing wrong with asking your employees for feedback.  When done correctly, you will gain their trust and respect.

Everything DiSC Management Profile:  Managing Up

The Everything DiSC® Management Profile assessment also includes an entire section that is dedicated to working with your boss.  Even though you oversee a group of people, you still have your own boss to report to, and it is imperative that this relationship is positive and healthy.  Managing your boss and their demands are critical to your success as a manager, advocating for resources and funding for your team, and having your manager advocate for your career advancements.  The more that you can build a successful relationship with your boss, and their peers, this will allow you to influence stakeholders and get decisions on critical initiatives.  This assessment will help you navigate this relationship by helping you see how your boss probably views you and your style of management.  Understanding how your boss perceives you, and other key stakeholders, will help you find things that you can improve on, and how you can communicate better.

The Everything DiSC® Management Profile can help all levels of managers learns how to adapt their style to manage their staff effectively, as well as develop and direct their team based on their DiSC® personality style.  It is an effective and useful tool for anyone in a management role who is looking to better not only themselves as a manager, but the workplace as a whole.


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