Everything DiSC® Management Profile


                  The Everything DiSC® Management Profile is designed to help those in management positions improve their skills as a leader and learn how to effectively manage and develop employees. 

                  The Everything DiSC® Profile provides you  with great insight into your current management style, priorities and preferences.  Learning about your management style, priorities and preferences will help you learn how to manage more effectively.  You will learn how to motivate your staff better, as well as yourself.  You will gain perspective when it comes to developing your employees.  The Everything DiSC® Management Profile will also help you become more comfortable with delegation – handing out tasks can sometimes be intimidating and awkward if you are not comfortable with your authority.  This tool will help you learn how to do this more confidently.

                  One of the most important things a manager can do as a leader, is to develop healthy relationships with their direct reports.  It is important to learn about your employees, their goals and aspirations, and figure out how you can help them succeed.  You want to be able to understand the problems they run into, and you want to always be available and able to help.

                  The Everything DiSC® Management Profile will provide you with plenty of insight into your own ability to create and maintain relationships with your employees, and it will give you many tools and strategies to improving them further.

                  Another important component to good management, is the ability to receive feedback. Ask your employees often how they think you are doing, and if they have any ideas or suggestions to improve anything.  Seriously consider what is said, and if something does make sense, implement it.  Employees will be much more willing to accept and support decisions that are made, if they feel like they were involved in the process and their opinions were heard and appreciated.  It is important to remember that nobody is perfect, and there is nothing wrong with asking your employees for feedback.  When done properly, you will gain their trust and respect.

                  The Everything DiSC® Management Profile assessment also includes an entire section that is dedicated to working with your own boss.  Even though you oversee a group of people, you still have your own boss to report to, and it is very important that this relationship is positive and healthy.  This assessment will help you navigate this relationship by helping you see how your boss probably views you and your style of management.  Understanding how you are perceived by your boss will help you find things that you can improve on, and ways in which you can communicate better.

                  The Everything DiSC® Management Profile can help all levels of managers learn how to adapt their style to manage their staff effectively, as well as develop and direct their staff based on their own personalities.  It is an effective and useful tool for anyone in a management role who is looking to better not only themselves as a manager, but their workplace as a whole.