DiSC Profile: Management tips to improve performance

Rethinking Talent Reviews

As part of the responsibilities as a Manager, you are accountable for managing your employees’ performance, assessing if they are meeting the performance standards, identifying development opportunities to achieve their career aspirations and meeting organizational objectives.

Are You Driving High Performers to Burnout?

What unnecessary burden do you put on you’re A team leaders when you use them all the time.  Your A team members may start to feel disgruntled or angry as they are picking up the slack for the rest of the team, or they may feel that you treat then unfairly by giving them the toughest job and experience anxiety from having to live up to your expectations on the many projects you volunteer them on.

Dealing with Suicide at Work

Suicide has become global news as fashion icon Kate Spade, and Celebrity Chef and Television Personality Anthony Bourdain committed suicide.  Many ...

LOVE is our Guiding Star

LOVE is the guiding star.

LOVE is at the root of everything.

We are on a critical path for humanity. A lot of discord, insecurity, and fears exist in our world today. Some individuals are driving a climate of fear and anxiety for personal gain and advancing their agenda. It’s creating a world where individuals are disconnected, lack trust and empathy for their neighbors.

DiSC Profile: How Organizational Culture Impacts Your Business


Organizational culture is imperative to your business strategy, yet many leaders often overlook it.  Leaders tend to focus on the operations of the business and understanding the need of the customer and facilitating process improvement.  While all of these activities are important, your culture is equally as crucial to the success of your business.

DiSC Assessment: Retaining Your High Potential Employees


Do you have employees that are critical to the success of your team?  

You should. 

To keep your high potential employees you will have to understand their career aspiration, create a new reality for the employee, provide stretch opportunities, sponsor their careers, and develop your employee. 

Establish Values on a Team

Establishing strong values in your company is critical to your organizational culture. Values are embedded into the core, influences how your team works together, impacts their decisions making skills, and overall business performance.  Learn how to create a core set of values for your team.

Four #MeToo Strategies for the Workplace

We need the partnership of men to improve #metoo and its impact in the workplace. I know that all of the coverage from #MeToo can be a bit overwhelming but consider the impact that doing nothing will have on your organizations. You can't shy away from this work.

DiSC Assessment: Delivering Performance Feedback to Employees Using DiSC®

Developing a useful model for coaching and utilizing a DiSC profile is a great tool to help you better manage the performance of your employees and achieve business goals.  DiSC profiles allow you to understand your employees' DiSC personality types, and identify ways to fully optimize your employee's performance by understanding their behavioral style, priorities, motivators and stressors, and their overall impact on your company. 

DiSC Profiles: How to Improve Employee Onboarding with DiSC®?


Many organizations struggle with onboarding new hires so that they are set up for success from day one.  We have all heard the horror stories of how onboarding new hires can go wrong.  

Embedding DiSC® assessment as part of the onboarding process early will help new leaders develop a tailored approach for their transition.

Enhancing a senior leader’s self-awareness about how they operate and the impact they have on others will help them assimilate to the organizational culture.  Many senior leaders struggle to integrate into the corporate culture because it may be significantly different than what they have experience in their previous role.  

DiSC Profiles: Motivating and Engaging Your Staff

DiSC Profiles:  Motivating and Engaging Your Staff Overview The responsibilities of managing a team include a wide range of duties.  Some of these...

DiSC Assessment: A Tool for Employee Development

DiSC®:  A Tool for Employee Development Research shows that a critical concern of a CEO today is to ensure that their organization has the right sk...